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V so fresh

organic natural washes, sprays, balms, oils

for any human with a vagina

About Us


V so fresh! is all about HEALTHY SAFE feminine care! My all natural for ALL WOMEN products are second to none !   I have priced my formulas so that  most women can afford them.  

Sadly, there are toxic chemical laden feminine care, beauty, and baby products on the shelves at the grocery store or Big Box Stores that are harmful for YOU to use as well as your children and loved ones.   WHY are those BIG companies ALLOWED to make toxic products and sell them to us? 

And yet women buy the products and use them daily, not really knowing how harmful, damaging and ineffective they are?

Natural -vs- chemicals

The natural ingredients and formulas that V so fresh! is produced with in small batches  are made with organic and ALWAYS natural ingredients  better known as plant based, and natural.  More important than that, they really work to give you relief from irritation, itching and odor.  Vaginal itching or odor is due to the pH of your vagina being "off".   Read all about vaginal heatlh & pH on my blog here called the V Chronicles.

If you are not happy, neither am I

I want you to try my product and so I am offering 10% off your first order. Please use coupon code SAVE10.  If you don't think the product relieves itching, irritation or odor, simply return it for a refund within 14 days, no questions asked! My feminine cleansers come in a cookie soap or in a foaming wash for your most delicate skin care

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